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Taking Antioxidants Can Help Promote Liver Health

The antioxidant vitamins include vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E. All these vitamins must be in adequate amounts in the diet in order to prevent deficiencies and all of them work together to protect and replenish each other. The antioxidants are important in prevention of many diseases, including fatty liver disease.

There are real reasons why taking antioxidants is a good idea when you have fatty liver disease. Obesity and eating too much of the wrong fats in the diet generate free radicals that cause fat cell dysfunctions and reprograms these cells genetically in a negative way. This leads to a low grade systemic inflammation and situation where the cells accumulate even more fat. It soon becomes a vicious cycle. Free radicals generated from this process will accelerate the progression of fatty liver disease.

Obesity reduces the amount of vitamin C in the blood and the distribution of body fat in obesity has been shown to have an inverse relationship to vitamin C levels in the plasma. Thus, it appears that taking vitamin C supplements could play an important role in preventing or reversing fatty liver disease, since fatty liver disease is caused by obesity.

In one Chinese study, scientists reviewed all the medical studies and found that vitamin E supplementation reduced ALT and AST levels in patients who had non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. In fact, it optimized their levels, showing improvement in the condition.

In another study, the relationship between low levels of vitamin A in the body and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease was uncovered. Up to two-thirds of obese subjects had low levels of vitamin A in the liver, and the lower their levels were, the greater the severity of their fatty liver condition.

When considering the addition of antioxidants in your diet, always remember that vitamin A, C, and E must be taken together and not singly. This way you can get the maximum benefits. Seeking the aid of a nutritionist to determine what levels your body needs is always the best solution.

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